Links. More Information on the USNG.

The following links provide further information on the U.S. National Grid.

Official Website

  • Asset Naming
  • USNG Asset Naming Handbook The USNG Asset Naming Handbook is a step-by-step guide for GIS specialists to uniquely and strategically name any type of asset using the U.S. National Grid.

  • Policy Statements
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Directive 092-5
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management
  • Justifications for use of USNG in Florida
  • Florida Fire Chief's Association Position Statement

  • Emergency Response & Search and Rescue
  • The Emergency Response Language of Location: U.S. National Grid

  • Web Tools and Maps
  • GISsurfer Map viewing tool with support for USNG, MGRS, UTM and latitude longitude coordinates
  • Florida Incident Mapper
  • Mission Manager Web Tool

  • Usage within Florida
  • USNG Florida Medium
  • USNG Florida Twitter

  • Educational Materials Courtesy Florida Division of Emergency Management
  • USNG Poster
  • Update on Florida and USNG Implementation Resources (ppt)

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