The website and data creation were funded by the Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center (FREAC), under the guidance of Stephen Hodge, at the Florida State University. Graduate students from the FSU Department of Geography have played a valuable role in development of these ideas through internships.

The Team


  • Georgianna Strode, Benjamin Thornton, Thomas Tricarico, Beverly Renard, Brittany Gress, Nathan Johnson, William Strode, Dean Jue
  • Graduate Students

  • Marjorie Jerez, Tyler McAlear, Evan Rau, Sean Shortes
  • Thanks to Others in the USNG and GIS Communities

    Jason Ray, Talbot Brooks, Keith Sandell, Richard Butgereit, Al Studt, Joseph Elfelt, Elisabetta DeGironimo, Randy Knippel

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