Asset Naming. Instructions for GIS Asset Naming using the U.S. National Grid.

Download the USNG Asset Naming Handbook to begin giving meaningful names to your organization's assets.

An asset is something of value. Assets may need to be inventoried, and assets may need to be found, in tall grass, large fields, forests, or in a parking lot with hundreds of like items, such as light poles. Maintenance crews can spend critical time locating specific assets. What if we could make the job easier?

Assigning assets a unique identifier is a common method for identifying and referencing particular assets. The main requirement of an identifier is that it be unique. Asset numbers may be auto- generated or they may be strategically created. Auto-generated numbers can identify specific assets, but miss an opportunity to include important information concerning the asset. A strategically assigned asset identifier can include location information, thereby assuring both that the name is unique and that the location of the asset is always known.

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